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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

February 16th, 2008 : Colonsay, Saskatchewan

Hi John,

Just finished speaking with an elderly woman from Colonsay, Saskatchewan. This is what she experienced on that same night the massive amounts of objects were seen.


On the night of February 16th, 2008, a witness in Colonsay was seated in her chair, crotcheting while the hockey game airing was on the TV. She tells me she has no cable or dish.

She believes it was sometime around 8:00 PM or 8:30 PM (not too sure except that the hockey game was on the TV) there was banging on her wall.

It was dark outside. She never thought to take a look outside. She mentioned that it almost sounded like birds hitting the window althought there were no birds outside at this hour and it was not the window that was banging.

Suddenly jibberish apppeared across her TV screen. Solid letters and symbols with no spaces between them. Not being able to remember, she gave an example, "something like PYX and a diamond" and so on. Then the jibberish disappeared.

About two to three inches at the bottom of the screen appeared another set of jibberish.

"It was as if it was a reply," she said.

Then more jibberish went across the center of the TV screen.

"This lasted 3 to 4 minutes," she said.

The witness says there was no sound the whole time other than the banging on the wall. No hum. No static interference noise.

The witness has lived in this area since the early 50's and has never experienced anything like this before. She heard about my recent CBC Radio appearance about the February 16th sightings and felt that she should inform me of her experience. Otherwise, she would not have reported this information.

Map showing locations of sightings

Thank you to the witness!

Barb's note: The witness has shared further stories from around the area including some interesting dreams about peaceful interaction with tall men in white. It is possible that this witness is an experiencer.

Take care,

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UFOINFO thanks Barb Campbell & SPPRC for the report.