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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

March 5th 2008 : Hatzic Prairie, Mission, British Columbia

Location: Hatzic Prairie/Mission B.C.,Canada

Date: 03/05/08

Time: 11:36pm

Number of witnesses: 4

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Round

Weather Conditions: clear skies, cold and all stars viewable

Description: I was lying down on my couch at home watching a movie. I look out my window and my attention is focused on an object that was brighter than all the stars in the sky. I said to my husband: wow, that's a really bright star (or at the time that's what I thought it was), come and look at it!!! So he goes to the window and looks up and says that's not a star it's a satellite sometimes you can see them in the sky like that and I said oh!!! Not thinking anything of it!!! Then I went back to watching my movie only I couldn't really focus on my movie because I couldn't stop looking at that bright object in the sky. The longer I looked at it the more I was able to see that it was changing colors so, I said to my husband do satellites change colors like that? He said what and took another look and then he said, that's not a star or a satellite I don't know what that is!!! I told my husband to go grab the camera meanwhile I kept an eye on the object and it didn't move from that spot at all!!! It was just hovering over the mountains SW of us!!!! So my husband took video footage of what we saw!!! There was some commotion happening and it grabbed the attention of my 2 boys (16yrs. and 9 yrs.) I told him that I spotted a really bright object in the sky SW of us and that it was changing colors and they also confirmed that they could see it and the changing colors!!! It was there for about 15-20 min. My son brought to my attention that there was a craft traveling from SW - E way to fast. He said that thing is traveling faster than a plane I looked and saw what he was seeing and sure enough I saw it for a brief second then it disappeared. My husband stopped footage so we didn't catch it on video leaving but, it just disappeared. I can't explain it!!! I guess what I'm looking for are answers to what we saw!!!

The footage is a bit blurry but you can clearly see the colors changing. I also have some still images but they are also blurry. I wish I had a way to clear it up!!!

You can view the footage that we took on
In the search bar type: reys ufo sighting.

UFOINFO Note: As the witness stated the video below is blurry.

I do plan on taking the video footage that I have to the Observatory to see if I can get some feedback and I also have contacted HBCC just waiting for a response as to what they think it may have been!!!

I would love to rcv. input on this matter. If anyone knows anything or saw anything I would like to know.