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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

March 5th 2008 : Niagara Region, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Niagara Region/Ontario/Canada

Date: March 5 2008

Time: 1 for the green ball 2 for hovering objects

Number of witnesses: 3

Number of objects: 4

Shape of objects: Round

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: So, I was watching televison around 11 on the sofa facing the bay window from the corner of my eye I cought a glimpse of a farly large green opject heading north to the earth. It wasnt travaling as fast as a shooting star it was a lot slower then that, also very bright green. So many thoughts went threw my head wondering what it could have been, a meteor came across my mind, but I had never seen something of that bright glowing green. So I jumped right out of my chair to grap my parents who were sitting with me at the time to catch a look, but of course I was to late to grap them. 10/15 mins later I was continued to watch the tv and watch outside as well around this time I was looking outside I noticed this very bright light in the north direction where I had seen the green ball. I just looked away thinking it was an airplane, but a couple mintues after I looked again to see that light was in the same spot almost hovering so this time I grap my mom to see this, while we were looking we noticed this object had vanished and appreared higher in the sky with a flashing red/orange light we had never seen anything like this, I was starting to ask myself questions like could this acually be what I was thinking, soon other lights appreared in the sky beside this flashing light hovering as well. So this point I grab my father to ask for his opion oh what he thought this could be his first responce was there helicopters, then they vanished and reapeared, his second responce was nothing. I observed these lights for another 30 mintutes by this time there was no further sightings. So days go by and Sunday March 9th around 10:30 I was watching some more telvision and looked out the window just to observe, the days before that I had seen no other lights, an then the lights appeared more north/west I have never seen anything so bizzare in my life, and every day since I have been observing the skys more often....well I found a video on you tube for everyone to check out ...the green ball that I saw on march 5th was a meteor so check it out it was pretty neat.


[Note: This fireball/meteor report is included for reference purposes - John @ UFOINFO.]