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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

March 11, 2008 : Wadena outskirts, Saskatchewan

Wadena outskirts, near collision with UFO on Highway #5

Received a call after midnight from Steve and Tammy. They had been driving home to Saskatoon from Wadena when approx. 5km outside of Wadena the vehicle in front of them slammed on the brakes causing them to brake immediately. They caught sight of something crossing in front of the vehicle in front of them from left to right (south to north). A grayish-white object the size of a small car. There was no cross road. Only open field on either side of the road. They wanted to speak with the driver ahead of them but the vehicle just drove away. They contacted the Wadena RCMP Detachment to report this incident and then called me. This morning I phoned the RCMP to ask if a report had been filed and if they had received any other calls. At this point I am waiting for an officer to return my call. I will update this report when that happens.

Below is a copy of a written report I received later this morning by fax. It includes a sketch by Steve and Tammy. The couple granted permission to release their identities. Phone number is included. Steve and Tammy would very much like to hear from the person who was in the vehicle ahead of them that night. Perhaps this person can shed some more light on what exactly crossed the road. If the person does not wish to speak to the couple directly, the person can contact us annonamously. We do not reveal identities unless witnesses request otherwise.

Received by fax:

March 11, 2008 approximately 7:40 PM about 5 km out of Wadena on hi-way 5 going west to Watson.

Myself (Steve Fraser and girlfriend Tammy Bandur) were driving about 200 meters behind another vehicle. As I saw it break in front of me I thought to myself it must be breaking for a deer or an animal on the hi-way. After fax was received I spoke with Tammy and Steve on the phone. Tammy says they were 100 meters from the vehicle in front of them.

Then at second glance my girlfriend and I thought that was no animal. It was some sort of greyish object (it did not have any lights), streaking across the road. It was about 3 - 4 feet off the pavement. This object was in front of the vehicle that was in front of us. But we were not able to reach them, as we were in shock as to what this thing could have been.

The first thing my girlfriend said was "where are the headlights on the thing", and then we look again, and noticed that this was not a car cutting across, because there was no road on the other side, it was just clear farm land, with no tracks or wheels. This object was not man made!

We saw the object for about 3 seconds and it was streaking as we could see the force behind the object.

The object looked like a Volkswagon bug, but without doors, wheels, and could not hear any sound. This was streaking across the hi-way this is the only way we can describe it.

Object was about hood high on the vehicle in front of us. I would very much like to speak to the people that were in front of me that night if I could.

Steve and Tammy

Sketch of event

Many thanks to Steve and Tammy for contacting us and sharing their experience.


Update from Barb Campbell:

March 18, 2008 I have spoken with Wadena RCMP Detachment. A call was received on the night in question. An officer went out to the area but could find no tracks or anything unusual. The witnesses had not provided all the details we had received and so the police had very little to go on. A report was not filed at that time. Now that they have more information on this incident, a report will be filed. Wadena will also be contacting Lumsden Detachment to discuss the February 16th sighting in the area. I thank Wadena RCMP Detachment and Constable Forget for their assistance.


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UFOINFO thanks Barb Campbell & SPPRC for the report.