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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

March 26th 2008 : Sudbury, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Sudbury, Ontario

Date: March 26, 2008

Time: 6:15 am

Number of witnesses: one

Number of objects: between 6 and 8

Shape of objects: circular, bright white lights

Weather Conditions: clear blue sky at dawn

Description: Looking out a window, saw a light going across the sky in the vicinity of the usual planes travelling to the airport. Realized it was too big and the wrong shape to be a plane, and then thought I must have been witnessing a meteorite falling to earth (there have been a lot of reports of strange lights around here lately, which have been dismissed as meteorites). Then I tried to follow its decent, but it gained speed and darted out of my line of sight. Then I moved towards the window to see where it went, when all of a sudden it veered upwards! That's when I knew it was no meteorite! By that time I was right at the window and saw about between 5 to 7 MORE of these big bright circles, moving irradically, jetting back and forth quickly, almost too quickly to keep track of, then they all darted quickly out of my line of sight behind a big fir tree. I am sure they saw me looking at them and they hid from my line of sight. It was obvious. I was afraid, and yet fascinated at the same time.