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Oshawa, Ontario

March 23rd 2008

Ascending White UFO Witnessed and Filmed Over Oshawa, Ontario

Hi John

Here is another sighting that goes back March 23, 2008.

On Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008 I was walking my dog in the local park early afternoon in Oshawa. The day was mostly clear as I observed the sky.

After some minutes while walking north in the park I noticed to the north a white shaped object in the sky.

Just as I first noticed it I had to look for it, it appeared to be REALLY ascending straight up much higher.

Quickly grabbing my camera out of my pocket taking three pictures and then gone!

I could no longer see it with the naked eye, I witnessed it for near ten seconds max.

I then continue on through to park and notice a strange trail in the sky. It appeared north about one mile away moving from west to east.

Immediately again I snapped some pictures as the trail crosses further to the east.

So figuring that one was probably a jet with a trail as sometimes I know our aircraft is followed I just moved on walking the dog.

Before Easter Dinner I thought to look at the pictures taken.

The first white object ascending was indeed caught on film only on the first picture. This white object does appears angel or cross shape with closer analysis.

There is also another interesting photo of the trail that had me curious.

In examining the one picture clearly illustrates two white UFO's close in unison in the trail.

I remember that the trail did stop some thousands of yards and them continue to trail going eastward.

That may rule out meteors?

Here again is another daylight sighting that happened so fast- yet caught on film.

I would like to thank Chris Russak for picture enhancement for better photo illustration.

Paul Shishis

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Enhanced photo showing first object

Montage of first object with different effects applied

Enhanced photo showing the two objects

Montage of the two objects with different effects applied

UFOINFO thanks Paul Shishis for forwarding this report

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