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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

April 8th 2008 : Parkland Region, Manitoba

Parkland Region, Manitoba A Silver Craft Comes To A Dead Stop

Date: April 8, 2008
Time: Late Afternoon

Hi Brian, hope all is well for you.

I haven't been around much for a couple weeks..I went to the lake this week in the parkland region and came back to find my computer was tampered with (again), hacker I am assuming. Anyway I lost everything and have to reinstall my O/S. I am getting used to it by now. Seems more frequent since my encounters restarted in 2002. Whomever, they seem pretty clever and are able to get around two firewalls, but in turn I have learned to back up things too, still not everything.

So, back to my small tale at hand. I was at the lake on Tuesday late in the day. There is still about two feet of snow there. It was a quiet night and many stars, more than I have ever seen. So peaceful when one is away from electricity and engines.

The next day was a sunny beautiful day, I was doing work on the cabin with a couple buds. It was about two in the afternoon and a few clouds, mostly blue sky. I was outside and was moving a few things when I stopped and looked up. Just as I looked up to the south west I saw a silver craft just stop, like it instantly appeared but it did not. It came with great speed, speed as I have seen crafts leave with faster than anything man can touch and it stopped on a dime. This craft sat in the sky and appeared to be about twice the size as the moon appears in the sky.

It sat the for two or three seconds then with instant speed it shot off towards the north with a blur of speed that I barely caught, but did see. I could see the blur against the blue sky as it left so very quick. There was no noise at all. Whatever they use for energy is something we have not mastered or this world would be different.

Many locals have seen crafts and objects in the area and this one is new to me when compared to all the crafts I have seen at the lake since 2002.

It was a fat looking almost chubby, too thick for it's height and it appeared to be almost like three silver spheres together as one.

Diagram showing approximate shape of object

This is the best I can give you for a diagram of the crafts as my computer needs a new O/S and I am on a clunker for a few days and left with only "paint" program to use. If I have left out anything feel free to ask. Take care my friend!

Thank you to the witness for the report and diagram.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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