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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

May 9th/10th 2008 : SE of Coaldale, Alberta

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: SE of Coaldale Alberta Canada in Northern Sky!

Date: Friday/Saturday May 9-10 2008

Time: 2:17am

Number of witnesses: one

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: Bright orb Dot

Weather Conditions: Clear and Calm

Description: I awoke and styepped into my Kitchen, not unusaul to be up as i have a back injury.

I am not prone to flights of imagination and know aircraft behaviour very well.

I look up to sky, as is my way, and saw what i thought to a jet off in the distance, way off @ 25 degrees, so i gave little attention it was travelling in an easterly direction, i look away briefly and returned my gaze to this area just as the light took off at incredible speed and a serious flash of light emmanated and blinked out of sight. I was struck stone cold. I have no explanation.

Although i have seen a similiar white light ripping through sky in July 1995 @ mid-day in the Norethern Sky travelling east and then out into ...the north, at a superiorly fast speed to any aircraft. I had a witness, but he could not make it out, i thought it was whit bag at first, but directional changes (2-3) and increases in speed (2) were unreal.

THis is a fact and my eyes do not play tricks, i have never mentioned to any other than my sons!


In a follow-up message the witness wrote:

I was only asking if there was possibly testing going on up North or some other explanation, and/or if some one else had seen something? It is hard to say how long it was just cruising, but when it did move, man it moved!

This is the first time i have reported anything and would not even consider it unless i was certain.

Maybe it would have been worth reporting the 1995 incident but not likely as it was so obscure and back then...well ya know, every one and there dog wanted to get into the National Enquirer or something.

Thank you for your response and please if there is something I can do as I have time to watch the sky in the early hours, as well evening.

Regularly watch the ISS orbitting, although fieldglasses have been damaged and make for a troublesome time to get anything other than a plain eyeball of it. Even so I have seen space garbage ejected. I live in the country, but have been wiped out by recent back injuries, auto accident. Have stabilized and concluded that there will be changes in lifestyle, less demanding more sedintary, more time for star gazing?!