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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

May 30th 2008 : Montreal, Quebec

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Montreal

Date: may 30 2008

Time: around 1:30 in the morning

Number of witnesses: me only

Number of objects: 1 for sure, possibly a 2nd one

Shape of objects: Only a green light roughly half the size of a full moon.

Weather Conditions: Clear, no cloud no obstruction.

Description: I was walking by the intersection of Queen Mary and Trans Island street, suddenly a light caught my attention in the sky. As I looked up, a split second later, I sall a white, green light roughly half the size of a full moon that was floating in mid air. It remained in mid air for about 1 second and then quickly flew up into the atmosphere and dissapeared in the sky( The object remained on my sight, I did not loose sight of it behind an obstructing object, it flew up in the sky and dissapeared). For a moment I believe it was a fighterjet but it did not make sence that it flew up and dissapeared or that it remained stationary for some time the speed of the movement, the color of the light and the speed at which it moved did not match any plane Ive ever seen or heard of. This has been bothering me all morning and I decided to report this to see if there are other people that can back up my claim.

PS: The reason I reported that it was possibly 2 objects and not one is because of the light that drawed my attention, I believe there where 2 light initially. When the 1st one made its move into space it drew my attention and then when i stared at the sky, the second one was preparing to make its move. I cant confirm this but its what I believed happened.

TV/Radio: I was searching the news on Google when I found this site