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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

June 1st 2008 : Maidstone, Saskatchewan

Maidstone, Saskatchewan
June 1, 2008

At 11:13pm (Mountain time) a star-like object appeared from out of thin air from the west heading east in a straight line until it disappeared. I hit the video button and began to record. The object travelled lower than the stars. I glanced at a street light and if I had to use my finger to measure how high up, it was approximately 1.5 inches from the top of the street light. Every now and then the video makes it appear to move around. That is only me moving the camera so I can keep filming it as it travelled. Another came shortly after in the same spot and disappeared as well. Both had disappeared by 11:15pm.

Thirteen minutes later (11:28pm) a plane appeared from the west travelling east. Its path was higher than the star-like objects. I video'd it too for a comparison. I have loaded this video as well.

I have reported seeing these since 2004. I have seen these travel in groups of three or more. And I have seen them criss cross paths with one another as they meet travelling opposite directions. I have seen them stop and high beam one another and more.

* Note: Digital cameras push the object further away than it is. I did use a zoom but what you are seeing is the size I was seeing with the naked eye. I used a Kodak Z712 IS (Digital camera). First time I ever used video record feature and it is a new camera. I did have camera on a stand.

Star-like Object:

Plane for comparison:

Barb Campbell
Unexplained Animal Deaths Research
Box 467
Maidstone SK
S0M 1M0


UFOINFO thanks Barb Campbell & UAD Research for the report.