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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 3rd 2008 : Scarborough, Ontario

Scarborough, Ontario UFO Passes Over Top Of Jet Aircraft

Date: July 3, 2008
Time: Approx: 5:00 p.m.

Hi Brian, I would like to report a UFO to you. On Thursday, July 3rd 2008 I went to my wife’s parents home in central Scarborough (Mc Cowan /Lawrence) after work 5:00pm. While walking down the driveway with garbage bags in each hand. I could hear a loud jet noise close by and turned southward. I could see that it was quite low (3000-5000ft approx) heading towards my direction. I was under a large tree, and stopped to watch it pass overhead beyond the tree - northward. As the jet appeared, my heart started to race. Just above the jet and crossing over the jet at a higher altitude. I could see a round brilliant white colored UFO ? This thing was moving on a straight flight path above, heading westward, towards northern Toronto. It really freaked me out, as I watched for about 10 seconds. Looked really dense of whiteness and moved one and a half times the speed of a jet.

It was the way it moved, that was the real eerie part Brian. The movement was just like Pac Man, the video game, as it moved along. I then scrambled to my car on the street and grabbed my camera within 15 seconds. I looked for the object ,could no longer see the thing. I snapped one picture anyway, to see if I could capture the UFO on film at a distance. I have attached the picture that was taken at 6:26pm est. There are a couple of questionable things in the photo taken. One round dark something to the left and a white something in the center of the photo.. Though, my eyes did witnessed something very unusual, for about 10 seconds at the time of 6:25-6:26 pm. I also had noticed that July 3, 2008 also is a New Moon. Not sure if that means anything..I really wonder what was it’s business up there ? Thx for your time and will leave this photo and report with you. P.S. When I arrived into Whitby less than an hour later [approx 7:30pm] to see my friend. Minutes before my arrival, he and a co worker noticed the same type of round white object moving high above the clouds, heading towards Oshawa. Now how weird is that ? Take care and we’ll keep watching.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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