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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

August 21st 2008 : Nixon, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Nixon Ontario canada (west of Simcoe)

Date: Aug 21 2008

Time: 12:05

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1 then 2

Shape of objects: white lights in sky with red and green flashing lights.

Weather Conditions: clear black skys lot of stars

Description: Went out the back door and looked towards the west towards Delhi Ontario. I am a sky watcher and was trying to see if there were any meteors still flying after the great show on the 12 of Aug. I saw a white light up in the sky with a red and green light flashing around the middle of the white lights. I thought my eyes were playing tricks so I got my husband wayne to come and look.

Before he got there the object zoomed to the right and then shot back to where it had been. I'm thinking I'm loosing it but when he came out he seen it to. He seen it to hovering not moving and could see the red and green flashes there was no sound and after it moved it just stayed in the same place for a few minutes then it seemed to be dropping down slowly and soon you could not see it over the greenhouse.

My husband went and fed the dogs I went in the house joking the aliens might come and get us during the night. Wayne called me to come quick and I could just see the lights behind the trees more to the northwest to (Keep going that way is Area 51 near Tillsonburg). He said a white light flashed over to the one that we had seen and they moved over and down behind the trees so we could not see them well but you could catch glimpses of light through the trees. We then watched an airplane fly from its original direction with its lights flashing and moving towards Port Dover to the south east of us couldn't see it any more so we came in and found your web site.

I know it wasn't a plane I see them all the time at night having 2 small airports to the south and north of us and it had no sound and mainly hovered in one spot and when it moved it moved fast and when it come down lower in the sky it kind of dropped down and then then shot back behind the trees thats my report thanks.