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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 9th 2009 : Oshawa, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: July 09 2009

Time: 10:20pm EDT

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Somewhat delta shaped, like a chevron stripe

Weather Conditions: Clear, cloudless sky

Description: I had just returned from visiting my mother, and while entering my house, I looked up at the sky, for no reason other than to look at the stars since it was very clear. Almost directly overhead, I spotted two objects travelling southward, side by side, with one seeming to be just a bit ahead of the other. They were travelling quite fast, as they disappeared over the south horizon quite quickly. They travelled much faster than any commercial airliner, had no red or green lights or strobes as would be on any aircraft. They appeared somewhat silver in colour, and were shaped like chevrons, or delta shaped. I was facing south, and they were approximately 75-80 degrees above the eastern horizon. The time it took for them to travel from directly overhead until they faded in the distance over the south horizon was between 8 and 10 seconds, at the very most. I am familiar with several aircraft, and these had no similarities to any I am aware of. There was no sound, and no sign of any exhaust. I need to add that I see several commercial flights from my deck easily both by day and night, and none have ever been travelling south. They all travel east or west, and usually the strobes are visible, and if they are at a low enough altitude, I can also see the red and green marker lights. The objects I witnessed that I am writing about had none of the required lighting of any aircraft. As quick as I could after they disappeared, I contacted the local airport, Oshawa Municipal, but unfortunately, the tower had just closed, and the radar operators were unavailable. I then contacted a good friend, who ironically told me he had just witnessed the same two objects. It was through him that I got the address to this website, and he also wrote a report. That's also why I say there was 2 witnesses, even though I was alone at the time of the sighting. On the following morning, I checked several news websites for any info regarding downed satellites, or other witnesses to the same objects, but to no avail. Whatever I saw were not regular aircraft of any kind, and moving way too fast to be any commercial or private.

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