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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 12th 2009 : Parkland Region, Manitoba

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Parkland Region Manitoba Canada

Date: July 12 2009

Time: 12am Monday morning

Number of witnesses: One

Number of objects: 30 to 50

Shape of objects: Unknown

Weather Conditions: Clear night

Description: Dear sir, My name is (removed) and I have been sending in reports to Brian Vike for I have been having close encounters since the lake I go to.

It was just this past Sunday night, July 12th..I was at the lake..

I had already spent most of the weekend working hard outdoors. It was 10:30 pm and had just finished a nice meal and ended up in the cabin, laying down on the couch by the wood stove. I laid there listening to music with my mp3 player for a little over an hour.

I was restless..and couldn't really bring myself to sleep yet so I got up and grabbed a water and went outside. I wandered down to the was a calm night..and there were embers in the fire pit by the lake. I went over and kicked around a few pieces of unburnt wood and got a small fire going from them. I took a sip of water and..walked closer to the lake.

I looked up admiring the stars that were out..when I noticed a satellite coming from the south heading north..I thought to myself that it must be around quarter to midnight..I looked at the time and it was 11:50 as I knew from the satellite..very soon two other would pass...It is all like clockwork..and I have seen the sky..many nights..

It was now I hung out by the fire thinking about going back to bed...I looked up at the stars again...and I saw movement...

I tilted my head back and set myself motionless..taking in as much of the night sky as I I could see what was moving...I was shocked!

What I saw were many objects slowly moving across the sky..and it was most of the sky that I was seeing.

What I saw was approximately 30 plus objects very high up..moving across the sky..they were not flying in unison nor were they flying together. I stood there watching..wondering..what was it that I was seeing.

I looked back down..and walked over to the I was away from any light ..from the fire. I looked back up and set myself motionless..and what I saw..made me think of much life..moving around..Most of these objects seemed to be heading easterly..but..there were also a number that would stop..and sit there in the sky..and then start back westerly again.

The sky remained filled for 20 minutes as there seemed to always be..a very large number of objects in the sky..It appeared that..once one was far enough east..another would come into sight and start coming across the sky...It was obvious it was at least 30 objects..and could have been as much as 50. They seemed never ending.

These were very high and I would have to guess that they were near the edge of the atmosphere if not outside of it...I thought..this could not be satellites.and knew it was not there were so many moving objects..with some even backtracking..

It was now 12:20 am and there was no seemed like it was not soon to end...I was getting cold and I decided to go back inside the cabin..

All I could think about..for the rest of the night while awake it was so much like looking into water with life...and much the NASA tether incident..was so similar..When I say that..I mean..the same in how much action was taking place...and how was so "alive with life"...and mind boggling.

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