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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 14th 2009 : Toronto, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: July 14 2009

Time: 5:45pm

Number of witnesses: 4

Number of objects: 4

Shape of objects: Three small white orbs in a triangular formation; and what I (P) perceived as a morphing cylindrical object, varying in colour from white to some dark grey at the edges. One other witness (D) perceived a shiny globular object.

Weather Conditions: Clear unobstructed sky, with miniscule whispish clouds.

Description: We work at a Taxi Brokerage in East Toronto. We had our scheduled break at about 5:45 p.m., and I went out the back door to my car. I looked up and noticed the whispish clouds against a brilliant blue sky. In between the clouds, I noticed a small more solid looking object, that looked geometric, like a marble. I looked further in the vicinity and saw two other orbs, in a fixed triangular pattern. I went quickly back into the office and three others came back outside. Along with me, they discerned, observed and identified the same thing I was seeing! One of the other Witnesses(P) saw another object that appeared bigger, or at a lower altitude. I (P) looked up and saw what I perceived as a morphing cylindrical object that at the edges, appeared to change hue from white to dark grey, or maybe even black. The other witness(A), observed both phenomenon, but said the bigger object was a balloon, or a bird, as there were some seagulls gliding in the sky. He was flabbergasted at the triangular orbs though. Upon myself (P) observing the cylindrical object, I alternated between the gulls and the object to make sure I wasn't seeing a gull just gliding in a fixed wing pattern. From my perspective, the cylindrical object was different from the gull, and definitely different. I had to go back to work, so my observation was unfortunately truncated. After getting back on the radio to dispatch, I went to the window to look out, and see if it(they) were still there. I did not see them again.


Thanks for the reply John,

I trust you recieved my account.

Just amazing. I'm going to send you an account I put together, with a you-tube video of a filmed sighting in Downsview, mere kilometres from the location of our sighting! This video, in my opinion, is what we were witnessing.


I went to work on Tuesday last (July 14th,2009). at 3:30 pm as usual. I took my break around 5:45 pm.

I went outside and looked to the skies. It was a brilliant blue, with nary a cloud ( and no chemtrails!). I did notice, however, two wispy roughly circular clouds abutting each other in the middle of the eastern sky. As I looked at them , I noticed a small whiteish orb, or ball like a little white marble between them! It was sitting motionless there . I looked around and soon discovered two other little white orbs (maybe there were more that I didn't see) forming a roughly triangular pattern!! They appeared to me to be high up at least 40,000 feet. They just seemed to be hanging there motionless.

One of my co-workers came out (D) for his break, and I immediately pointed out the orbs to him, which he saw as well. I raced back into the office to get a colleague (P), who also came out and saw them. It was at that point that I noticed another object at a lower altitude more to the south east. It was roundish, or oblong in shape to me, and at the edges, appeared to be either changing colour -from white to ash to dark grey to black, or morphing shape in and of itself. (D) described the lower moving objects shape like a "Blob". It was moving slowly from nnw too sse.

At this point, another dispatcher (A) came out and saw what we were all trying to comprehend! He said the orbs were a mystery, but said he thought that the lower "Morphing" object was a seagull. There were two or three seagulls soaring, gliding and circling a few hundred feet above us. I kept going form the seagulls to the lower object, to make sure I wasn't seeing just a seagull. I can say that it was travelling south-south-east at a slow speed, and in no way resembled a seagull.

Unfortunately, I had to go back into work, so wasn't able to see what happened. After going back in, I did keep looking out ot the east and south facing windows to catch a glimpse. I saw nothing else that evening.

After coming home, I went to some sights and made a report to I also went to you-tube, and found the attached video, taken in Downsview on July 2nd. I can say that what I saw, and what is in this video is the same or very similar to what we had witnessed. The only difference is that the whiteish orbs in our case, were not moving.

Further research has uncovered alot of sightings around the world, and some weird morphing UFO's.

I know there are alot of hoaxers and joksters doing it as well. See the story of the two ten year old boys in Colorado, who hoaxed even the so-called experts, and the reporter who released a bunch of ballons of varying shape and size into the sky, and went to a UFO witness, who called it a Morphing Craft.

But the truth lies in there somewhere too!

Happy research!!

Video showing similar sighting to the one seen by the witness

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