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Scarborough, Ontario

August 13th 2009

White Translucent UFO Witnessed and Filmed Over Scarborough

On August 13, 2009, I was on break outside in Scarborough, Ontario. While enjoying the beautiful morning clear blue sky I thought about August 13th from the past in my life.

Who would not forget the unbelievable and now know up today. One being my first UFO sighting August 13th 1967 in the mid afternoon at age 8.

Second was my discovery of confirmation of alien abduction on August 13th 2003 when I was 4-6 years old.

Amazingly, yes I remember that far back those terrifying dreams.

These nightmares were about to be confirmed by newspaper article I had found in a local library to investigate. This had become a serious issue for me to absorb as like anyone fascinated.

Confirming UFOs over Scarborough in the Summer 1965 based on the found newspaper article August 21,1965. I was at a point to want to know the truth

Needless to say, I was in a state of shock putting the two together..

It truly explains why my entire lifetime associated in UFO sightings of such variety and in the hundreds

See attached newspaper article found on August 13th 2003.

Article from Star archives

It is quite interesting also to note :

Strange that the following day there was a massive power outage August 14,2003. At 4:11pm est. It affected the entire eastern seaboard – 50 million ?

The last time that happened was ' 1965 ' November 11 – coincidence to the same year of the article found ?

These same dates – though in different years 1967 / 2003 brought a deep thought about the existence of higher intelligence around us. I felt perplexed about the anniversary of these thoughts and feelings today being August 13,2009. That something else was about to manifest above for me to see or know. It's best described as a emotional feeling ~

With having so many daylight sightings even more since 2003 at age 44 I have always kept a camera handy after since 2005.

That reason being that witnesses were scared and frightened to whom I pointed out to. Even in their thoughts of ridicule by others should they speak out about it. The witnesses were gathering in the dozens to whom I pointed them out. Yet all afraid, yet not my camera.

With this feeling within about a higher presence experienced I just looked up in the sky with my camera in hand.

Less than a minute had passed then coming from the north over my work roof I see this odd white translucent anomaly pass high directly over me.

It appeared to be rolling and was translucent white like a ghost apparition. Shape like blob and it had size.

Without hesitation I snapped a few pictures to capture the moment.

Fortunately I was able to capture only one photo taken on a 5X zoom at 10:05am.

Again I was in shock of the mere thought and timing of this unknown aerial anomaly above. This once again confirmed that August 13 was significant to myself personally. As well this presence allowed me to see and film it to confirm – not alone.

Ohoto of sighting with enlarged inset

Thanks to Serge for photo enhancement

Paul Shishis

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