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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

August 21st 2009 : Sarnia, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Date: 08 21 2009

Time: 1:30am

Number of witnesses: One

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: Round about 20-feet across

Weather Conditions: Clear night

Description: I was walking my dogs and looked-up to see this very bright round light about 20-feet across past over-head not making any sound, it flew over the trees, and then shot up straight into the sky, and disappeared it lasted about 30 seconds.

I was so shocked of what I had seen, I called my daughter on my cell phone and told her, she didn't believe me, but I seen what I saw, but didn't want to report it and called a nut!

TV/Radio: No! I was afraid of being called a crack-pot and not have people believe me......I truly seen what I saw, and it didn't make any sound at all.

Thank You! for taking the time to listen......

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