UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Oshawa & Scarborough, Ontario

September 17th 2009

On September 17,2009 , I woke up earlier than usual [5:20am] at home in Oshawa, Ontario. I then made a tea and thought to go outside to admire the stars before daylight moved in. This would be near the time of 5:30am.

While outside looking directly above at the night sky I thought this as I remembered in my mind so clearly like yesterday. ‘ Show me a sign if you are watching me ‘ ? Within seconds after holding that thought I witnessed a single bright flash of white light followed by a couple seconds after another three- four ‘rapid flashes ‘ of white light. Then a couple seconds after again another single flash of white light.

This sequence of this flashing lasted about ten seconds from start to finish.

In shock as I continued to stare above I also noticed no sound at all or even running lights of any conventional aircraft going overhead. I thought this VERY strange this happening from just that thought !

Watching further for another ten minutes- nothing more was observed.

Later after 7:00am I headed to work in Scarborough 40 kilometers west from Oshawa.

Throughout the morning, I thought about the early morning event at home with these white flashes how could anyone ‘not forget ‘ even from that thought in wonderment.

I had been working hard later that morning and past my lunch time break. Finishing the work at hand and now heading finally out for lunch I walked outside into our parking lot to the east of our building.

Seconds later looking directly east low in the sky my mouth dropped open that moment. My eyes could not comprehend to ID this strange black vertical object heading ‘ directly ‘ towards me. The distance would be about one hundred yards away moving west from the east.

Without hesitation grabbing my camera from my pocket – SURPRISE ! I started to take pictures and a short video clip of this bizarre black object at 12:54 pm. After taking two still shots of it’ s original form first witnessed. Noticed it now open up or change into a longer and wider object horizontally ---

As also it now changed direction in movement heading directly north. I would say this thing was about 200 feet above the ground. Added to the feeling it is camera shy in movement change from the first two photos taken.

Being in a state of shock from this transforming shape shift before my eyes and camera I yelled for some witnesses and as this odd black long object headed north. Three witnesses came into the parking lot to witness it further away two hundred yards !

Only one coworker said I looks like a large piece of f#$king garbage ! The other two appeared shocked as I wondering due to size and appearance.

It looked about 10 - 15 feet long and about five or more feet wide.

I was perplexed from when I first witnessed this thing how it really changed in appearance. As the photos provided illustrate form and even slightly color change.

After over one minute witnessing this thing of wonder the object was still heading straight north into the industrial streets overhead.

I then jumped into my car to try find it. See if it hits the ground being so low. I really wanted to know – manmade or NOT ? After a few minutes and with no success to finding it I give up and thought I have the thing on film and now headed for lunch.

While heading from east to west in my car stopped at a traffic light. I then noticed to the north at about a quarter mile away northwest in the sky, now thousands of feet in attitude a bright white colored object moving east to west amongst the white clouds.

Again pulling out my camera instantly took some still shots of this white unknown object. Then a quick video clip to again capture the moment while my car radio is on.

The traffic light changed green and so I moved on to lunch shaking in awe and shock. Really how much can one take in ?

I never stopped again to look up for it, as that had been enough for me to witness. Just went for lunch in a strange state of reasoning.

After reviewing all the still shots and the two short video clips I found the first video clip taken of the morphing black object quite interesting as many may assume that this object is manmade as even I.

When listening to the audio of the video clip tThere is a strange sound coming from this clip like a mechanical sound.

Please note: This sound was not heard as I filmed it – so really what can this be ?

Added to the different shape forms in appearance ?
Yet does also resemble what is known as the Black Knight in it ’s final form.

The white one is most interesting when you zoom in on the pictures

I have seen white stationary white ones in the past. Most witnessed have had a slight red light field around them.
IT has been hard to film these types while stationary and at a greater distance.
Could even the white one had been the black one witnessed earlier ?

Something to ponder ?

In all the many UFO sightings I have personally witnessed throughout my life that day had me wondering from the start from only a thought !
Again ‘Show me a sign if you are watching me ‘ ?
I believe I got my answer that day on September 17,2009 – three times over ! ! !

My conclusion has been confirmed again
That some form of contact is happening from something much higher.

Paul Shishis






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UFOINFO Note: This enlarged section seems to show writing on the object but I cannot read it. A man-made object, 'garbage' or a genuine unknown?

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