UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Oshawa, Ontario

October 8th 2009

White UFO Filmed Over Oshawa, Ontario

Here is another UFO sighting witnessed and filmed on October 8, 2009.

While walking my dog along on Gibb Street in Oshawa, Ontario near 6:20am I noticed through the park a low flying single bright white light. It appeared to have a slight jerky effect in movement.

This thing was travelling from the west to the east quite low north less than mile away. There was no sound at all to be heard.

I immediately pulled out my camera and started to film it.

This sighting lasted maybe over one minute.
The speed would be a guess between 60 -100 MPH

It was an unusual time for me to be up this early to be walking the dog.
Funny though once again that I was fortunate enough to witnessed and film this odd light anomaly.

I have two video clips taken on my camera.
One has been made public on You Tube for 36 seconds.
Thus too large [ 38 MB ] to send to you.


I have also attached the second clip that is quite short-- two seconds.


This was the start in witnessing these single bright white lights in my area.

Each year since 2009 to present I have witnessed these ' types ' from June to October months only. It is interesting today that only these months they have appeared.

That is also the strange part of these same types have ' not ' been witnessed to these month : Jan-May and Nov. Dec.

Each year since there has been a new month added – JUNE being the earliest and the most sightings in 2013 for me.

Paul Shishis

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