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Oshawa, Ontario

December 27th 2009

Neon Green UFO Witnessed Over Oshawa, Ontario

The month of December is a very rare month in witnessing a UFO for me. Yet on December 27, 2009, while driving my son's girlfriend home we witnessed a very bizarre neon green UFO moving over a roof of a home.

While driving through a neighborhood at Ritson and Rossland northeast at exactly 12:07am as I looked at the car clock after witnessing this spectacle I noticed this weird ' bright neon green ' roundish bubble type. It crossed over a roof of a home near a hydro field at about 20 feet of the home ?

It also had a bright white light surrounding this green bubble as it streaked across. It moved fluid like across- like a bubble moving through water.

I pointed /yelled this out in the car so my son could also see this wonder. His girlfriend whom sat in the back seat – missed it as we drove passed.

This was witnessed from about a couple hundred yards, maybe closer as I watched it for about 7-10 seconds as it passed over.

The speed of this bright anomaly was slow and very close over the roof.

This was certainly a new type of UFO witnessed by myself at night.

I have attached a composite drawing to give a better picture of what was witnessed.

Sketch of sighting

Obviously not a Artist

This would be my first UFO sighting in the month of December *
Taking in this new sighting to bed as each can affect one.


The next day I was travelling alone on the highway 401 westward for Toronto. While noticing how really cloudy the sky appeared while driving I ' thought ' about that bubble and wished to see a hole in the cloudy sky.

As minutes after this thought of a hole in the sky I noticed while driving through the Ajax, Ontario this hole surrounded by cloud to the south near over Lake Ontario.

I took a couple of pictures to capture the moment of this donut hole in the sky. Of course this would be atmospheric disturbance in nature yet the timing did shock me that moment while driving *

Photo showing hole on cloud

Photo showing hole on cloud

The time of the attached pictures taken at 1:12 pm. That would be just over thirteen hours after the UFO sighting that early morning
Just weird to say from a thought **

Thanks once again for your time and interest

Paul Shishis

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