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Scarborough, Ontario

March 26th 2010

Red Pulsating UFO Witnessed and Filmed Over Scarborough, Ontario

Hi John

Here is another report

On Friday March 26, 2010. While sitting at a traffic light in Scarborough [ Kennedy Road /St. Clair ] I noticed to the southwest, high in the sky two odd aerial anomalies moving high in the clear sky above.

One was a rusty red in color that appeared to have size and the other one being a bright white light at a farther distance. It did appear as if it was pulsating this red coloured light I immediately grabbed my camera and took nine pictures in less than one minute [8:04am]. These anomalies were heading in unison south towards Lake Ontario. The speed appeared no faster than a Cessna and the objects were at least about one to two miles away from my position.

The traffic light turned green to go westward along St. Clair Ave. I also noticed to have some witnesses behind me in traffic. I observed that traffic behind me moved quite slow after the light changed. Just the assumption they also witnessed what I photographed . I examined the photos and have four pictures that illustrate this odd red object with a halo around it. This is not the first time I have noticed strange objects in the sky in this area. I gather it will not be the last either in the area.

Sighting lasted under one minute.

Special thanks to Chris Russak for picture enhancement for better illustration.

Paul Shishis

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Photo of object with enlarged inset

Montage of object with various effects applied

[UFOINFO thanks Paul Shishis for this report]

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