UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Flag of Canada

Toronto, Ontario

July 2nd 2010

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Hello John,

Here is my account, which I have just submitted for a weekly staff publication at my workplace in Toronto. Are you aware of anyone corroborating this report?

Staff UFO Sighting

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: Friday July 2nd 2010

Time: Approx. 10pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 6 - 8

Shape of objects: Faint white dots in a ragged V-shaped formation

Weather conditions: Completely clear evening

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I have always been interested in this subject, so there's always going to be a degree of wishful thinking to an account like this. But however much I may have "scanned the skies" I have never seen anything that might even remotely pass as a genuine UFO (in the strictest sense - meaning something in the sky that I couldn't explain as a fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter, meteor, shooting star, satellite, balloon, and so on).

This changed on the evening of Friday, July 2. I was on a friend's balcony on the 22nd floor of a highrise building, facing east, near St. Clair and Spadina. It was a completely clear evening, at about 10 p.m. Suddenly my companion pointed upward and said something like, "Look at those birds!" It took me a moment for me to register what she was seeing, and where. Once I sorted out where to look, my first reaction was, "Those can't be birds - you can't see birds at night..." Yet sure enough, the objects were arranged in a ragged V-shaped formation, much like a flock of Canada geese. They were blurry, faint white dots of light, moving rapidly from north to south, and seemingly at a tremendous height. If I had not known exactly where in the sky to look I would have missed them. They were obviously traveling at a great rate of speed, between six or eight of them, and in struggling to recall the sight it seemed to both of us as though they were jostling for the lead position.

The whole spectacle can't have lasted more than 10 seconds, and we distinctly recall the formation banking a bit to the west as they made their way out over Lake Ontario, after which they rapidly faded toward the horizon. End of story. And no, I am used to seeing the searchlights circling through the clouds over the Air Canada Centre on a game night. Besides, there were no clouds.

I'd love to embroider this account with all sorts of speculation, but I think it's strong stuff all by itself. Incidentally I did google "Toronto UFO sighting" together with the date, but nothing came up. No surprise, really, as I doubt few people would have been lucky enough, as we were, to be gazing at just the right point in the night sky at just the right moment last Friday night.


If anyone else witnessed this please get in touch with me with your account of the sighting - John @ UFOINFO.

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