UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Flag of Canada

Hamilton, Ontario

July 16th 2010

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Date: July 16 2010

Time: 10:35

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: Triangles

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: My girlfriend and I where laying out in the backyard looking at stars which we do often. We saw 3 triangle shaped objects obmitting a pink hue flying in a triangle formation go across the sky north to south. There were two at the back and one at the front, the front triangle was like going closer and farther from the other two as if it was letting them catch up, only lasted a few second to fly the sky from one side to the other. No way was planes, weather balloons or any other identifiable object.

Also the people seeing a light flying one side of the sky to the other with no sound is most likely the satellites, two fly opposite directions all night and they are pretty fast.

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