UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Flag of Canada

Smeaton, Saskatchewan

July 29th 2010

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Smeaton, Saskatchewan, Canada

Date: July 29 2010

Time: 11:00pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Circle

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: We had stopped for a break while driving on highway 55 at the small town of Smeaton. We noticed a bright object moving across the sky. At first we thought it was a satellite but then as we watched it was moving erratically. It would stop for a few seconds, then continue on, then move side to side. As we watched we became a little anxious as it became more apparent the object was moving strangely. It then stopped completely and appeared to hover. It then circled back towards us and began to move towards us in a straight line and appeared to be descending. We got in the car and drove away. The object was whitish-blue to bright white, circular.

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