UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Whitby, Ontario

August 29th 2010

White Translucent Object Witnessed and Filmed Over Whitby, Ontario

Here is another UFO sighting to share from Ontario

On August 29,2010, while at home in Oshawa, Ontario I was in and outside barbecuing on our deck that faces west.

While outside I noticed a white translucent object with a light to the southwest. You could barely make it out !

Fortunately I had my camera and took five pictures as this sighting lasted about 30-40 seconds at 4:53pm

The last three pictures were on a zoom. One picture did missed capturing it on zoom. I then lost sight of it due to distance with the naked eye.

It appeared to be moving west over Whitby, towards Ajax, Ontario. Maybe about a mile or more possibly over Lake Ontario.

The condition of the sky was slightly hazy. It looked roughly plus or minus 10,000 feet in altitude.

After reviewing the pictures the first two pictures just illustrate a white dot, yet the last two successful zoomed pictures are interesting in examination. The bottom of this UFO does appear translucent with white light at the top.

Here once again is photographic evidence as my naked eye had witnessed it.

Many UFO's are witnessed under one minutes while they move. While others have been witnessed almost stationary

Paul Shishis

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[UFOINFO thanks Paul Shishis for this report]

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