UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Flag of Canada

Scarborough, Ontario

November 1st, 2010

Report extracted from an e-mail sent by Paul Shishis

Hi John,

On November 1,2010 I witnessed this white long type of UFO.

One witness

This was over my work roof in Scarborough after 3:13pm for five minutes.

The quirky thing is a advanced feeling I would see one- telepathic communication ?

It was swirling clockwise –changing different forms- letters, symbols – different shapes.

When reviewing these images. Some have star like orbs around it !

Later , again I had a feeling going home that day that I would see a black helicopter.

Moving parallel with me through my old neighborhood there was a black helicopter moving with me – to the north.

I took two pictures at the stop sign.

While examining them one has a star like orb !

Ha ha – who's following who lol!

This thing spelled my first letters of my name

p m s = Paul Michael Shishis

Original and enhanced versions of helicoptor and object

Montage of photos

One of the many shapes taken on by the 'object'

Black helicoptor with object in background

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