UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Oshawa/Whitby, Ontario
May 11th 2012

Hi John

Here is another UFO sighting to share with you.

Accompanied along with photographic evidence.

On May 11th 2012 , while at home in Oshawa taking a week’s holiday I was about to make a phone call in my kitchen.

Looking outside through the patio window something caught my eye westward. Putting down the phone and lucky to have my camera on the kitchen table .

Grabbed my camera and opened the patio door within seconds. Searching in the area of the sky I first witnessed it. I could again see it and began to take six pictures.

To best describe what I witnessed:

A brilliant white colored object doing incredible fast looping around vertical
As bizarre as it’s movements and speed this thing would disappear on and off
The direction was west about one mile or so and quite high in the sky
The location would be over Whitby, Ontario.

In reviewing the six pictures:

I found the first four pictures were corrupted ?
The last two pictures came out normal on a zoom.
I was successful in capturing this white object on film in second last picture .
Also in one of the corrupted pictures no zoom – white dot *

The camera lens has a variety of dark dots within.
Sorry for the poor picture quality- what a mess of black shapes
Yet the white object in question ‘did ‘ get captured on film.
That makes any witness happy in evidence

It appears ‘ disk shaped ‘ in the photo and brilliant white in color
Witnessed for about under one minute
At 11:16am to be precise
There was no further signs of it appearing after that *
I watched for another ten minutes IN THAT PART OF THE SKY – nothing !
Needless to say I went that day to replace my old over-used camera for a new one.

Special thanks to B. Spicer for picture enhancements **

Please note I have added one of the corrupted photos to illustrate picture’s state of being corrupted *

Original photo
Click image for full size

Cropped, ehanced and enlarged section of original photo

Cropped, B&W section of original photo

Cropped section of original photo

Cropped section of original photo with comments added

Corrupted photo
Corrupted photo - Click for full size

[UFOINFO thanks Paul Shishis for this report]

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