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August 29th 2012

Two UFO Sightings Over Scarborough,Ontario

On August 29th 2012, while at work in Scarborough I was nearing my morning break for 10:00am. It was a nice day as I felt EAGER to go outside -- 9:57 am. So I went outside and looked up into the rich blue sky. To my surprise along with that added feeling I felt I could see a white anomaly that was sitting almost stationary that was appearing and disappearing.

This was a new type I have not witnessed before. Nor was it my last

From the past I have witnessed throughout my entire life usually stationary ones don't fade out like this one.

Without hesitation, I ran back into my place of work retrieving my camera. After no more than after 30 seconds – I again looked for it and found it!

After taking seventeen pictures and two short video clips for a couple minutes on and off. I even used our building's roof as a marker being so high to capture it on film.

After photographing and still observing this with the naked eye it sat almost stationary flickering on and off. Appearing and disappearing I wondered what it was doing up there.

After seven – nine minutes it started to move southwest. That would be the time I lost sight of it. Another head shaker came upon me – wondering from that feeling.. Yet I was satisfied with the many photos taken.

I then returned inside my workplace. Strange that our company server went down to note. This was a time to review the pictures and video clips.

As shocking as the UFO witnessed I was in more shock that finding only one picture with this white anomaly witnessed. The video clips also came up empty due to the distance I suppose.

After digesting that one I continued work through until about 2:00pm

There was a terrible smell coming from the west side of our building. The dock door was then closed due to this smell. This was due to construction next door – demolition, as I heard they opened a raccoon home and boy did it smell rotten. So I went to the east side of our building for a breath of fresher air.

Curious, I opened the door to our parking lot.

Once again looking in the rich blue sky I noticed something again!! There was a white squared shaped object at about 500 feet. The size would be a guess maybe 2- 3 feet? It moved across directly over our parking lot heading north.

So I went back inside and called for a coworker. He came to me as I asked him to step outside with me for a moment. We proceeded back outside and now I could see this white square object. It had moved further to the north about 500 yards away. So I pointed it out to him and asked ' what's that ' ?

He then said O—that's a kite.

I then said to him. It's not a kite! It's moving further north and said I first noticed there south of our parking lot. He then looked up at it again and said your right – it's not a kite. As he looked in a long stare.

We then lost sight of it as I again wondered in the timing witnessed.

This UFO was square and had a white color to it. It moved one- two MPH and appeared almost like a reflector in character.

I really wished I'd brought my camera from the other side. Yet I was successful in retrieving a witness to this again different looking UFO sighting.

I have attached the one and only picture of the first sighting that morning.
Special thanks to my friend mg for picture enhancement.
The picture was taken at 10:04am.

Again shocked to only have 'one picture' out of the bunch!

Paul Shishis

Photo of sighting

Enhanced enlarged and cropped photo

Enhanced enlarged and cropped photo

Enhanced enlarged and cropped photo

Enhanced enlarged and cropped photo

Enhanced enlarged and cropped photo

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