UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Flag of Canada

Whitby, Ontario

July 26th 2013

Hi John

I have a dramatic UFO sighting clip to share from a friend.

This occurred in northern Whitby, Ontario on July 26th 2013.

Details of this sighting filmed was first noted at 10:10pm.
Witness was driving west and noticed a series of multicolored bright lights at about 1000 feet high.
Distance would be approximately 3-4 kilometers north of his position.
The witnessed pulled over on the shoulder of the road and immediately started to film this marvel.
The sighting lasted about five minutes.

The witness continues to have constant UFO sightings in the same area since 2009.
A definite sign of possible contact taking place in examination *

The witness would like to be kept anonymous due to this on-going bizarre activity.

Big thanks for him sharing of what has been witnessed and filmed by his permission.

Enjoy this extraordinary footage.

Paul Shishis

Link to original video file in Windows wmv format (3.13Mb)

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