UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Between Fox Creek & Valleyview, Alberta

May 12th 2014

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Between Fox Creek & Valleyview AB. Canada

Date: 05/12/2014

Time: 01:20 a.m. (+- 15 min.)

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1 turning into 2

Shape of objects: Round? Too far away to tell exactly.

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear skies, full moon (almost 7/8 full)

Description: I am a truck driver in the oil patch and do a fair bit of driving @ night.
I also consider my self to be perfectly sane & would not report this (as a hoax).
In the past I have believed in UFO's then changed my mind to "not" after watching & assessing many reports & documentaries..... until today (last nite).

So here's my "believe it or not" story (as I was alone & no photos were taken).
Am also willing to take a lie detector test to prove this.

After unloading my truck @ Pembina in Fox Creek AB. last nite I hit the road again making tracks for Grande Prairie (home) on hwy. 43 (north west). I left Fox Creek @ approx. 00:45 a.m. After driving approx. 20 min. I noticed a "white light" straight ahead of me (a little to the left) in the sky travelling at a good pace from left to right.

I thought a plane coming into the small airstrip in Valleyview as the "object" started to descend. The object then made a slight right hand turn (swoop) and descended more rapidly. As it turned the color changed to a blueish green and yellow orange.
I thought it's not a plane it's a helicopter as it seem to hover for a few seconds.
Then the object changed back to white and started accelerating rapidly & upwards.
then splitting into "2 separate identical objects" both symetrical travelling slowly apart from each other from left to right again in a slightly "away from me" direction.
both objects continued to accelerate (at a speed faster than any plane, but slower than a meteorite) and disappeared into the upper layers of the atmosphere.

I say again, this is not a hoax & I am not crazy.
I also know what speeds planes/jets travel at as well as the high speed of a "shooting star" entering the atmosphere. after the incident I thought too for a second :
"meteorite" as the object split in two an "bounced" out of the atmosphere,
but "no" I have seen many meteorites in the past & they were different as the "broke-up" into fragments and glowed @ different "light intensities" coming into the earths atmosphere.
this was different as the light intensity was the same @ the beginning and end of the sighting & I have never seen a "meteorite" hover, accelerate, split into twins, and go upwards and disappear into space.

This vivid description should also convince any "disbelievers" as I would think that even the "best science fiction writer" would have trouble dreaming up such a story.

I would also be greatly interested in hearing back from you and finding out if there where other witnesses & reports of this sighting.


(This is an amendment to original report)

The only thing that has changed is that there is a second witness to this sighting (so far). the driver that finished offloading just after me, travelled in the same direction & was approx. 10 min. (+-5 min.) behind me. His name is Mitch & works for the same co. as I do. I asked him specifically (from a neutral stand point) whether he slept in "Fox" last nite. He said "no" I drove to Valleyview. Upon asking him "did you see anything last nite on the way home? A plane or lights? He answered with the exact same description as i have given previously (above) only he witnessed "only" part 1 of the sighting "white light descending from left to right"
He thought it was a plane and lost track of it "before or as it was turning."

Just a "footnote" added here from myself. I am not so much convinced that "UFO's" are aliens from outerspace, as the possibility that our neighbors to the south have developed a secret advanced technology such as a "hyperdrive" or such and that maybe what we are seeing and dealing with.

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