UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Flag of Canada

Brantford, Ontario

May 25th 2014

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Brantford Ontario Canada

Date: May 25 2014

Time: between 20:00 and 0:00

Number of witnesses: Several

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: Circular OR Oval OR Hexagon

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Warm, clear night, not raining

Description: A new friend of mine just told me a fantastic story, so I looked up this date and time to see if anyone else had reported anything.

I'm sorry I don't have every detail but this is what he told me.

May 24 Weekend, after all the fireworks, they (my friend, + more of his friends) were walking home. They were near the Train Station located just downtown Brantford Ontario Canada, when they noticed an unusual light in the sky. When telling the story we compared a nearby apartment building, which we estimated about 35 meters tall. The craft was estimated to have initially been located about 300 meters in the air.

They all stopped to observe the unusual event. He described the light as being very bright. He also said that at times it almost appeared to be a little red-ish in colour, but overall seem to be the colour white. They were in a nearby field, and observed the craft fly away and I believe he said that they lost vision of the object for some time. The craft to my understanding, though I did not ask and I should have (sorry), was located somewhere to the west or north-west, south-west or south from the train station when they first saw the craft, then headed north-west or west. This could be inaccurate.

He said that his friends had started heading home again, but him and his friend wanted to stay and observe any more potential activity, So some time must have passed between when they lost sighting and when they saw the object again.

They noticed (I think but am not sure) to the west the object again. It seemed to be much lower now, not much higher then the treetops, in a residential area the craft start rising from it's low altitude higher and higher. He stated that the craft started heading Directly in their direct (east), but was gaining altitude while approaching them. Any sane person would have been at least a little intimidated, but they stood their ground and the craft flew directly over them, approximately 300 meters in the air once again. Again the crafter was bright white, but sometimes seems to have a red-ish colour in it.

From what he saw of the craft, it was circular in shape mostly, possibly an oval shape (looking at the bottom of the craft while it flew directly overhead). He said that near the center (bottom) of the ship, it appeared to shine light directly out from the center, in ray like formation, not more then 16 points, which was (I believe he said) where the red-ish light was originating from. [Picture the sun with 16 rays, now hollow out the middle and make the rays much brighter] [I'm not sure if the center was also lit up or if it was dark, not shining at all] but the light was very bright.

Here's the crazy part. He said that not far after it had past them heading east, it changed direction heading north or south mostly, so they had a good side view, not that far from them. Then he said that once they were looking at it from the side, it seemed to go partially invisible, starting from (what must have been) the back side of the craft slowly engulfing the entire ship, apparently in some sort of stealth technology, which eventually made it invisible.

They didn't see it again after that.


Afterwards, I read online of other another sightings the same night, which is why I added 2 more objects, and the possible hexagon shape to the specifications of this incident. These 2 object flew directly overhead of the 2 witnesses, about a few hundred feet in the air, heading NNW in direction. They had No LIGHTS and were also very quiet. They were seen at about 22:35 the same night.

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