UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Scarborough, Ontario

May 26th 2014

Brilliant White UFO Witnessed and Filmed In Scarborough, Ontario

I thought to share a recent day time sighting here in Scarborough, Ontario

While at work on lunch break – I had a feeling to go outside to our work parking lot. Facing north for over ten minutes I see a brilliant white glow with add shape so I pulled my camera out and took four pictures in trying to capture the moment.

The sighting lasted about 5- 7 seconds – after that it just vanished. I continued to watch for a couple minutes – nothing.

It appeared to be about one mile away from my position. The altitude – couple thousand feet.

Only the first picture caught this unknown on film at 3:14pm EST

Then five minutes later this aircraft with a very thick trail passed over heading west directly.

This would be my second daylight sighting this year.

Looking forward to the closer sightings.

Paul Shishis

Note: Datestamp on images is out by one day




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