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Oshawa, Ontario

June 29th 2014

Stationary Bright White Light Appears and Disappears Over Oshawa, Ontario

On June 29,2014 before 1:00am I decided to go outside and experiment with my new camera. The night sky appeared quite clear and looked about for a subject [star] to film.

Looking directly west I had picked the brightest star to test the zoom on

See attached # 114 – taken 12:59 am – close up of a star – New camera.

While I continued to focus the on this bright star and take more pictures I stopped and looked about in the sky.

Shocked I notice to the just south above a much brighter white star. I was shocked because it was not there before picking the brightest star to the west.

As I watch this brighter white light it was just like looking at a bright star – nothing more then within about ten seconds it started to fade totally out.

Best way to describe it just shrink from the outside—in nucleus.

I had taken one picture from my new camera 1:06 am before it totally disappeared – gone ! Resulting in just a white line due to a shake of the camera – no tripod used [115]

Now being in a further state of shock what I just witnessed I felt a confirmation of a presence I deeply felt emotionally prior .

After it had vanished I continued to look south – nothing !

Then a day later checking my old Canon camera I found a picture not remembered I had taken at 1:04 am before using my new camera. [1583]

This old camera was also beside me –This picture appears to have better night quality of something that resembles a craft. A arc row of white lights – with a structure included when zoomed in.

Now I'm shocked once again not remembering taking the photo with my old camera
I thought I 'only' used my new Camera on the disappearing act.

Paul Shishis







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