UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Oshawa, Ontario

June 30th 2014

Bright Fast Moving Orange UFO Over Oshawa, Ontario

On a very warm evening on June 30th 2014 at home in Oshawa, Ontario I was at my next door neighbor chatting while having a beer outside on his deck.. There was he and his wife along with another younger couple.

At about 10:52pm I noticed high in the sky a bright orange light. I thought helicopter as I watched coming across the north from the west. After maybe fifteen seconds as it drew closer to our position directly north I realized it not being a helicopter. It appeared roundish and very bright orange.

The speed was quick – 80 -100 MPH ? The attitude at least couple thousand feet. I pointed this out to the other four witnesses whom appeared shocked.

Then went into my pocket to pull out my old camera. Took couple pictures along with a quick video clip


Note: The link above is for a playlist of sightings including the one below

Total time witnessing this spectacle would be under one minute. I'd be sure others in Oshawa must have seen it ! It crossed over HWY 2 and Thornton Road.

Please note with Canada Day happening – July 1st people were setting off fireworks that evening. I would like to say to speed and pattern of flight it did not appear to be a Chinese lantern due to these factors witnessed. Thus understand that fireworks attract ~ ~

Many thanks to mg for picture enhancements – including two from video clip

Paul Shishis


Cropped section of photo above


Cropped section of photo above


Video link corrected July 5th 2014 and added images below:

Enlarged cropped image

Enlarged cropped image

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