UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Whitby, Ontario

July 14th 2014

Single Bright White Flash Of Light Over Whitby, Ontario

On Monday night, July 14, 2014 I went out with the dog to the local park here in Oshawa.

When I reached the middle of the park I stopped and looked up. Feeling very intense emotionally staring directly into the sky westward –high, thinking show me a sign if you are present in a long stare after one minute looking at the same spot in the sky.

Suddenly a ' single ' bright white pulse of light flashed.

As I was jolted in this display in timing from just a mere thought I continue to look to confirm conventional aircraft – as there was nothing more to see. Just one single pulse of white light.

So after a minute or so I thought to take a couple of pictures to roughly record the time of this white pulse flash.

A day later, I looked at the two pictures and found the first one very interesting. Both photos were taken at 11:26pm – one or two minutes after the flash. There appears to be something in the sky caught on my – not sure what it truly could be ?

This is in the same area of the sky I just witnessed this odd white flash of light.

It may be possible my camera picked up something unknown still there in that area of the sky.
The picture reveals structural shape of something.

Special thanks to mg for picture enhancements !

Paul Shishis







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