UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Whitby/Oshawa, Ontario

August 24th 2014

Multiple White UFO's Witnessed and Filmed Over Whitby /Oshawa Ontario

On Sunday, August 24, 2014 at home in Oshawa, Ontario I went outside for a tea and smoke on my deck facing west.

After about 15-20 minutes while looking into the sky to the west there was a very high white object over Whitby appearing to be near stationary. Without hesitation started to photograph this white distant object at 10:09am.

It appeared to be miles away in distance and altitude combined, I watched it for over twenty minutes and then lost sight of it.

After again throughout the morning until mid afternoon along with many tea drinks I used my old Canon camera until I lost power at 11:55am. So I then used my newer Nikon camera to continue to photograph.

I had witnessed on and off eight white UFO’s in the same area of the sky – looking westward. Maybe it was the same object – can’t be sure.

Two of these sightings I watched and filmed these moving white orb type UFO’s heading north into the clouds.

Here is one of the video clips I had posted with my new camera:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6q5pS75vNE - for better picture quality please set YOUTUBE to 1080 HD (this also needs to be seen on a full sized monitor - UFOINFO)

I also witnessed another type of long dark UFO that appeared to have a wake in it’ s short trail.

All these sightings started from 10:09am until 1:47pm

It was something to witness and photograph all these interval sightings, many pictures taken did not capture the intended unknown objects.

Most were on a zoom trying to capture these long distant objects with little success, yet some did capture the intended objects.

I had also taken some random shots facing west over my roof.

I had also noticed some long strange images on some of the pictures. Possible explanation I feel could be insects, I have also attached some of those pictures with questionable images.

It was quite a fill that day in witnessing all these UFO’s, but it was not quite the end as night moved in.

While walking my dog at the park at exactly 11:11pm I noticed a bright star to the west. After intensely looking at it it started to move very slow and brighten up heading southward.

I grabbed my camera from my pocket and took four pictures until it faded out!

How shocking I felt in the timing – not a bright star!!
This could only confirm a unknown presence in our skies – happening day and night.

There are many pictures and enhancements to share and so here they come in evidence.
PS Thanks once again to mg for picture enhancements.

Paul Shishis

Photos from old camera

(Best viewed on large monitor)

No.20 - No.22 - No.29 - No.33
No.35 - No.36 - No.43 - No.46
No.47 - No.50 - No.51 - No.54

Photos from new camera
includes enhancements

No.21A1 - No.21A2 - No.21A3
No.21B1 - No.21B2 - No.21B3

No.22A1 - No.22A2 - No.22A3
No.22B1 - No.22B2 - No.22B3

No.29A1 - No.29A2 - No.29A3

No.32A1 - No.32A2 - No.32A3

No.40A1 - No.40A2 - No.40A3

No.50B - No.50C

No.56A1 - No.56A2 - No.56A3

No.63 - No.63A1 - No.63A3

No.65 - No.65A2 - No.65A3

No.72 - No.72A1 - No.72A2


No.74A1 - No.74A2 - No.74A3

No.75A1 - No.75A2 - No.75A3

No.76A1 - No.76A2 - No.76A3

No.77A1 - No.77A2 - No.77A3

Night time photos

(Best viewed on large monitor)

No.59 - No.60 - No.62 - No.63

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