1975, 1999, 2001

Castlegar/Nelson, British Columbia

Date: 1975, 1999, 2001
Time: Varies
Full Description of event/sighting: I have four stories to relate.

The Kootenays have always seemed to be a hot-bed of activity for as long as I can remember and I have never heard your weekly show on KBS Radio. I have not told anyone of these things aside from my wife and brother. Especially the first one. Your discretion is certainly appreciated. (HBCC UFO) - The witness has granted me permission to post the reports and the person will remain anonymous.

I was 12 years old and I was at the old Castlegar arena about 10:00 p.m. waiting for my brother to finish a hockey practice. I went outside the arena with my mother and a friend of hers. We walked to a coffee shop about 1/2 mile away. While on the way back, we all noticed a very bright light in the sky. It was a cool clear night in mid-March. The object was extremely bright. It sort of was going straight and slow for about 20 seconds, then made a very sudden turn to the right. It suddenly stopped after a few more seconds. It was quite high up it seemed - 2-3 miles? At that point, several smaller lights or objects - I counted at least seven, emerged from the light and were flying around the still stationary larger object. The objects eventually made their way across the sky away from view. Total time - about 2-3 minutes. We were all quite puzzled by the event. On a side note - I remember we were talking with my mom's friend and her husband a few weeks later when they were over for dinner. He told us when he was with the US military in the early 1970's, he was a radar operator responsible for an area in the US mid-west. He used to track objects on the screen flying at extreme speeds - but he was also warned to ignore them and to keep his mouth shut. He was convinced from our descriptions, that what we saw was definitely not a normal aircraft.

In 1999, my wife and two small children - 8 & 4 were traveling to our home in Nelson from Castlegar. It was about 7:00 p.m. and overcast - no visible stars, in March. My wife and my daughter noticed a very, very bright light flying very low coming along from the passenger side at high speed. In a few seconds it came into view in front of us. It looked about the size and brightness of a streetlight at about 100-150 yards away. There was just one bright white light, not strobing or flashing. We were approaching a hill, and the light definitely went over the hill. We arrived at the crest within about 10 seconds. When we arrived at the crest we all looked for the light, but there was no evidence of the it, even though the hill overlooks a fairly large valley.

In the fall of 1999 - Late September, I was playing golf with a friend of mine on a Sunday morning at about 9:00 a.m.. We were playing on the old number 2 hole (new #11) on the Granite Pointe Golf Course. We both heard planes overhead, and we saw quite a sight. At least three military type jets flying in close formation around a much larger plane. The plane seemed to have a very large tank or possibly craft underneath or attached to it's belly. The planes were flying quite low. A Chemtrail/contrail seemed to be coming from the bizarre looking craft or tank. Later that day, a couple who live on Kootenay Lake - and a co-worker of mine, - 5-6 miles away, saw several jets flying patterns for over 20 minutes above the lake. The jets numbered at least 4 -5 at any one time. and seemed to have a very large amount of exhaust. All three of them claimed to have experienced some respiratory discomfort after this incident.I have lived in teh Trail/Nelson/Castlegar region for many years and have never seen a military aircraft in the area aside from an airshow.

The most bizarre one though was in the summer - late July 2001. I was sleeping outside with my two kids - 10/6 under the stars in the back yard. We have a very private backyard - lots of trees/terraces and up against the mountain. The view from the yard is great, with the lake and the City below. It was totally clear warm mid-summers night and we looked at the various constellations and spotted satellites and fell asleep at about midnight.I woke up in the middle of the night - about 2:00 a.m., and immediately had a notion for whatever reason to turn my head and look to the north. I saw what appeared to be an extremely bright object traversing the sky in a north to south direction. I thought at first it was an extremely low satellite as it had no flashing lights whatsoever, just a continuous bright light like a streetlight again at about 100 yards or so. But it was so bright I wasn't really sure what it was. There was no noticeable noise. All of a sudden after watching for about 8-10 seconds, the object seemed to stop about halfway across the open sky, and either slowly went out - just like turning off a TV that is heated up - the light/picture goes very rapidly smaller, or it just took off at an extreme speed in the opposite direction. This all took place in a span of maybe 15 seconds. When it "disappeared", my daughter who was unbeknownst to me awake and obviously observing the same thing, commented "Dad, what was that" and "I'm really scared right now". I also experienced a very odd sensation right after the sighting. It felt eerie to me. Almost a feeling of dread. We all went quickly inside the house that night - ending our big camp-out.

My brother works in Alberta. One of his friends is a former air traffic controller for the Edmonton International Airport. In fact I believe he served for a time as the chief controller at the airport before retired. He told my brother a couple of times, that they would regularly see very odd objects on the radar screen that would go at extreme speeds, and change direction very quickly - definitely not conventional craft. The controllers would contact Cold Lake AFB as they also covered this area as to what they were flying out there. Cold Lake would always reply to their enquiries "It is not ours, Edmonton".

My many thanks to the witness for the collection of reports.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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