November 16th 1998

Canora, Saskatchewan UFO Flies 25 Feet Over Vehicle

Date: November 15th and 16th 1998
Time: Approx: 6:30 p.m.

Hi Brian,

I was in the vicinity of Canora Saskatchewan (north of Yorkton) on November 15 and 16th 1998 for business with another person.

The woman who was traveling with me also witnessed this object. We left Yorkton at about 1830 hours on the 16th to drive to Saskatoon for the night en-route back to Edmonton. While we were leaving Yorkton, I told my passenger that the sky was lovely and it would be a good sky in which to see a UFO. She told me to be careful what I wished for and we laughed.

The sky was lovely, there was no moon that night, but if you have ever seen a Saskatchewan sky, you will understand the immensity of the universe we can see. There were a lot of meteors flashing and we were enjoying our drive. When we were about a half hour out of Saskatoon, my passenger said, "What is that.. is it a plane". I looked to the left out of the drivers window and about 10 degrees forward and saw an object coming at us. It looked like it might be a plane from the distance, but all I could see were the lighted windows. I told her that it couldn't be a plane and she asked why. I told her that we were not near an airport and it was coming down to land. Now in the space of time that we saw this object coming down we had moved forward to just about directly under it. When it came down into the farmers field, it was only about 25 or thirty feet over us. It came down on a very sharp angle. My first inclination was to hit my brakes but I knew there was a vehicle right behind us who would have run right into our rear, so I braked and slowed. They stayed behind us, so I know they saw what we saw, possibly better. I was focused on the windows which were part of a circular body. They were large ( like windows in office buildings) and had pinky red light around the perimeter of each window. The inside was lighted, but no beings were visible. I saw what looked like a uniform light yellowy beige background in the windows. The reason I noted the passenger ( or what would have been the passenger area in a normal plane) area was circular because you could see the windows slant both front and rear as opposed to appearing a straight line.

The object was dark colored and I still cannot figure out to this day whether it was circular or tube shaped. When it came down there was no noise and it did not interfere with the vehicles. It did not land per se, it appeared to hover over the farmers field and followed it for about a half mile in. There was a red light at the back of the object. My passenger followed it with her eyes while I drove and it went about a half mile in and then hovered there for about ten minutes. She then said it went up into the sky and went over a cloud and disappeared.

I ran into this woman two years ago at a conference at UBC and she told me that she has only ever told her daughter what we saw that night. It happened so quickly and I could not stop to really observe, so I was trying to stay safe on a road that was icy while this was going on.. I don't know what we saw. The people behind us drove up beside us, slowed down and we looked at each other and then they beat it down the road very fast. I did not feel any fear, so I did not feel the need to leave the area quickly. I do know that this object was large and I do not know if there was a wing span over my van.. as I said I was too focused on the windows. But I do know that when it went into the field it looked as if it was the back of a triangle with the red light in the middle.


Thank you to the witness for the excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/881115.shtml