Summer, early 1990s

Ontario, Canada

Date: Summer - early 1990s
Time: 2:00 a.m.

A fellow telephoned me from Ontario to report that he had an encounter with a cigar shaped UFO around Furgus Bellwood Lake a few years ago. He said he has never reported this sighting to any UFO group, but after the sighting he did report it to a local airport and they gave him another number to call and they had him on the line for approx 15 minutes taking down his information about what he saw. The witness told me that after the telephone interview with the authorities wrapped up, they told him that they did track an unknown and that the witness watched the best part of the event due to his description of the object.

When object came over the Lake it was making a high pitched humming sound and also you could feel a vibration is the air (The witness asked me if I new what a tuning forth would feel like when it vibrates. This was his best description he could think of to explain how the vibration felt). The witness also said it slowed down as it approached the water and said there was a lot of static electricity in the air. The craft flew over the lake and right over top their cottage and flew off towards the west. He said it was metallic in color and looked like a 747, but without the tail, wings and certainly had no windows on the craft.

It was a clear night and as the craft came low over the water the light from the it shone down and reflected back up off the water and over the top of the craft. The light the object gave off was a whitish/blue and a light blue light surrounded the craft. He watched it for approx: 45 seconds and then ran and dragged his brother out of bed so he could witness this strange craft. After both the men got back out of the cottage they observed the tail end of the event. I asked the witness if he might be able to give me an idea of how big the object was, he said it was hard to determine the size but did estimate it may have been some 40 to 50 feet in length.

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