Summer 1997/1998

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: i live in country between 2 towns Tillsonburg ontario and Aylmer ontario on #3hwy

Date: 1997 1998 i belive it was summer night time warm out after 10pm before midnight i believe

Approach Direction: was statioanry when i saw it n.e.

Departure Direction: went to the east

Witness Direction: my self father see objct leaving

Description: i steped out of the garage and looked up at stars on way to house as i would usally so since i live in country have great veiw at night . it was clear and i scaned the sky see the dippers and what not a couple planes there r a few airports around stthomas tillsonburg london hamilton i spoted some lights red blue clear .that seem brighter then they should have and not paulseing like a regular plane there were many many ligth . so i watched the obcet didnt seem to move for a while .it was at a distance under 4 km seemed to apperar over the farthest n.e tree line .(i am an former military soilder served with u.n. in cyprus middle east)i know what helicopters look like when hovering and how they move. this object then did a fast motion pattern up donw side to side VERY fast just crazy but stay in position this went on for a few seconds. the object then stoped moving in place and at a very high rate of speed went stright down i was sure it must have crash.i felt sick thinking something crashed. in a matter if seconds it poped back up in smae position started all over again .as a kid when you looked at stars they moved and will do so still i looked away many times and back i even slaped my self . i had to get a witness i ran for the house after i got a grip on my self . got my father he came out and the back started to move to the east faster then a jet no noise but not the here and gone just few away.

Color/Shape: lots of ligths blure red clear i bounced almost when it was doing the same motion evertime and so fast

Height & Speed: tree line is just under a km in there and it apeared to be 200ft maybe higher feet above it from my vantage point

TV/Radio/Press: was not peported spoke about it abit with others no one really care or maybe just didnt belive i do !!


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