Glen Williams, Georgetown, Ontario

July/October 1998

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Lights on treetops in Georgetown

Date: 1998 Sometime July-October

Near Sheriden Nurseries in Glen Williams. I had been out for an evening drive and came to the bottom of a hill in Glen Williams. When I had looked up, sitting on the tops of the trees were a series of lights. They were pulsating in sync. I stayed for what felt like an eternity staring at them. As soon as I realised what they were, I had to physically put my foot on the gas to drive. I've returned to the same location numerous times, hoping that I could give some earthly explanation. There isn't any.

I also had friends that lived on a big hill in the Glen, they used to see UFO's, from their backyard. It has happened to them more than twice.

I think that Glen Williams has many more sightings than we are aware of.


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