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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

August 1998 : Trout Creek, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Trout Creek, Ontario, Canada

Date: august/1998

Time: 2-2:30 am

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: taller and wider than the house, giant with orange lights not glowing but flickering which may of been all the trees in front of it from the leaves. It seemed either round or slightly oval but it being black outside and it being in the bush where i lived i could not make out the dimensions nor the actual shape.

Weather Conditions: clear, warm

Description: A friend called for me to pick them up in north bay. i lived in the bush just west of trout creek. I went directly to my truck once outside rather fast as wild animals roam at night out in the bush where i lived. I settled my baby into the car seat from us both entering from the drivers side, as i put the key in the ignition my eyes caught a huge glow of orange from the bush on the nw corner of the property about 200 yard from where i sat. my first reaction was a fire, but no smoke, no smell, no spreading, no sparks etc. It was too late to be the sun going down or coming up and i checked the land survey since and the sun would never be in that position rising nor at 2:30 am. all this raced through my head in seconds. it didn't seem to move but it may of been hovering though there is a small clearing about where it was, i could not go out and look but i did think about driving up the little back road in front of me but i was pressed for time and figured since the forest isn't on fire i will check when i come back.

TV/Radio no


Update from Brian Vike:

My property is in a valley, slight uphill to sight. In daylight you can only see the tops of the immediate trees beyond, then sky. So that is how I know I was that close as it was hiding in the trees. What puzzles me is, was it on the dirt road there or partly in the forest as it seemed to fill the entire space. The road is about 60 feet side in only that spot. It certainly didn't fit down the dirt road. To get there it would have came from above. A tractor can fit down the logging road. So as I first viewed it, it didn't seem so large. But in scouring the width for fire, spread and staring more of it began to appear. That is when I realized it was huge, guessing 120 to 150 feet in width and 60 to 70 feet high.

It was round, but the bottom wasn't visible and it sort of seem to go into the forest floor, or come down the slope, but I never saw a rounded bottom when it was on the ground and my best guess is it was. The sections I saw looked like a very, very hot piece of burning coal, like in a fire-pit when you almost can't stand near it, and it's so hot there is no smoke or flame, breathing or beating like a heart pulsing, cooking. Yet it didn't cast any light whatsoever. I don't recall a breeze, so any movement which I thought my be the tree branched or leaves is wrong. That thing had life which is when I decided, OK, I'm going to go now. I hesitated starting the truck, as I somehow knew that thing would hear it and know I was there. I stared at it and it stared at me. It did move closer so I knew if it was a UFO. It knew i was there. I started the truck while slamming it in drive and peeled out the driveway.

The side road to the next side road, both about a km in length are hilly and mine curved. Believe me, I kept looking in the rear and side mirrors until I told myself to get a grip. I almost went off the road and I had the kid to think of. Once on highway 522, I again drove all over the road looking, but had to stop and concentrate on driving. I fully expected it to drop down in front of me like out of a movie. I had a feeling it may have been going along side me. I have never watched Star Wars etc., only Star Trek and that was way back. So, it's pitch black and a 5 minute drive to town. I feel better at this time and pull onto highway 11 north, at that time it's a 2 lane highway and 60km limit for about a km. Now I feel braver and keep looking to my left up in the sky, when all of a sudden I see it again, down real low in the trees about a km from the road in a bushy section. That thing knows where to go and how to hide. It then moves upwards slightly in a second and then this truck fly's by me. I see it up high now and look for the truckers brakes. How did he not see that thing! I then turn my eyes back to the trees when another vehicle startles me. Suddenly I realize it's daylight and there is lots of traffic.

I again look to the left and about 10 km away over the hills I see it heading northwest again and the top half fully visible. You know, when that first truck went by me it was night. Why did I not see headlights coming ? And no lights from the truck when I looked back in the side mirror ? In an instant it was daylight after the second truck whooshed by me. I don't want people to know that as they won't come forward for fear of being laughed at. I left my house within 5 minutes of his call. I don't think I lingered in the driveway long when I realized it was a UFO, but I really didn't get to North Bay until after 5:00am, 3 hours when it should of been 30 min or so.

I don't know how to paragraph this computer, so about a year later my friend was speaking to a man then about 47, living there for a number of years and makes a crack about my seeing things. Then my friend turned away and this person looks directly at me and says "this area is well known for sightings without even knowing what I saw at all ".

Then a year later while driving down highway 522 in the late afternoon, I'm lying down in the back of the truck as I let the kid and another girl about 16 sit in the seats. I notice a tiny bright dot in the sky. A star so I thought, but then realize there are no others, when I see it suddenly again up high along side the truck.

I think it's following us, I will wait until we turn north and I will see if it follows, yes it does. I then say to the 16 year old, look up there in the sky. She does, see anything ? She is quiet, yes and I think it's following us. This is without me saying anything to prompt her to say that. Then it suddenly disappeared.

The summer after that there was a major meteor sighting from South River to Sunridge so they called it. It made the local newspaper. My friend whom I lived with and ridiculed my sightings was cooking a burger in the kitchen late one evening. The kitchen has windows and a sliding door all down one side. He runs up to my room all freaked and says, "did you see that" "what I say ?" How could you not ?" "what I say" It was so bright, how could you miss it. I should of seen it from my position as I was sitting up in bed reading. He tears back down the stairs and outside he goes. Apparently a large bright object just fell out of the sky and he says it landed right out front. The area he pointed to was about 30 feet from the door so he had a good view.

I watched him search for debris for a week, I looked too when he didn't know. I wasn't about to show him how interested I was, as he was an ass to me about mine. He comes to me, you know he says, I've looked everywhere and I can't see anything. Ii can't figure it out. Yes, I even checked the hill (different hill). He was dumbfounded, this is a guy who has 150 percent night vision and can track a mouse crossing the road. He knew every inch of the property, so, he says. You know that time you saw that thing., yes, I really did look everywhere for you, even alot further from where you say and you know, I never did see anything, any sign of anything.

He was through, no burns etc. even on the trees and you know, he says I did call you right back, right away that night to make sure you were coming and you didn't answer the phone. I told you, I left right away. He never ridiculed me again and we never mentioned either sighting again. That thing is like a wolf in the forest. It knows how to maneuvers to stay hidden. Lastly, he says shortly before his "meteor" thing, I think Reg ( a man who owns a gravel pit on the other side of the road beyond a heavy dense forest) is doing something over there at night, why ? I keep seeing lights at night. Did you go look, no. I started to and swear I saw the odd glint of amber in the or through the forest from my bedroom window twice that summer. Bet he would of checked had he had the meteor experience prior to this, it made him think! I just don't know what happens to the bottom of that machine when it touches down. Is the amber coal a shield thing, though it appears round. Is it a ball or disc, what is the width. Even in the sky it appears just like the moon or sun would look, but we know they are round ? Why is this thing creeping around ?

UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.