Summer 1998

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: Oromocto, Newbrunswick Canada

Date: 1998

Approach Direction: can't remember

Departure Direction: can't remember

Witness Direction: can't remember if it was north or south

Description: I wish I would have journalled the event then I could write the detailed experience . I could only write what I remember from then. The year was 1998 sometime in the summer. My partner and I had just returned from a drive. We were indulging in humerous conversion and laughing alot. I pulled into the parking lot at the military base in Oromocto and parked the car. As I got out of the car, still talking and laughing a mile a minute I glaced over at the football field which faced our parking lot area (why I looked over there I don't know). I noticed a huge triangular object with windows all around black/silver in color and lights on inside, but no living figures at the windows as though empty with a dome on top. This was late in the evening or early at night. Like I said I didn't write a journal. This object was soundless. I was in awe. My partner on the other thought it was a military experiment and thought it was great to see this machine. We did not feel any threat of any kind. So,we decided to get a closer look and walked to the football field but as we did this object glided away (approx 5mph). It was approx 2000 to 5000 feet above us. I felt as though I could touch it if I was close enough. I felt so good inside. We then proceeded to run after it, trying to catch up to it. It then sped off in a second horizontally. It was as though it was never there leaving me feel down. I felt as though my best friend just left me at the airport. We didn't realize how far we had chased it. It was our only conversation walking home which suddenly seemed so far. Then suddenly we noticed it hovering above the trees by the river, again I was excited. The craft didn't stay long this time maybe only a minute. It horizontally sped off again but this time for good. If it wasn't for my partner seeing it too I would never to this day believe what I seen. It was a great experience for me. As for my partner he still believes it was a military experiment and does not believe in UFO's. I tell this experience to all my friends and they too believe it was a military experiment. I hope people will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy telling my story. I also hope if I ever experience this again it will be a positive not a negitive experience.

Color/Shape: Triangle with windows around trianlge black to silver in color.

Height & Speed: Approx 2000 to 5000 feet above ground. Speed while gliding approx 5 miles per hour. Take off speed second to disappear do not now approx speed.


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