Winter of 1998

Houston, British Columbia

Date: Winter of 1998
Time: 3:00 a.m.

I was in our local store the other day when a fellow had seen the logo on my winter coat and asked did I belong to HBCC UFO Research. I told him I was it, ( the one looking after HBCC UFO). He started to tell me about a strange sighting he had back in 1998 when hauling logs out of the Morice Lake area which is approximately 80 kilometers southwest from Houston, B.C. I asked him if he could call me when the man found a little time. He did indeed call a couple of days later and told me what he saw that early winter morning.

The witness was driving along the Morice West Road and just came over the top of a hill. Looking straight ahead of him he saw what he described as aircraft landing lights which were sitting on the ground. The lights were extremely bright and white. There was no flashing nor did the light move. Whatever it was, it was not moving.

He also said there was no one logging in that area at that time. He also told me that a road which did lead into the area was blocked by a huge bank of snow and the road itself was covered with approximately four feet of snow. The driver said he was really curious to know what he'd seen. The logger would have liked to have stopped but seeing the roads were icy and extremely slippery, a 70 ton load, plus other logging trucks coming behind him a kilometer away he thought it best to just keep going.

The witness got on his radio and asked the drivers behind him if anyone was doing any forestry work where he saw the light. Everyone called back telling him there was nothing in the area. (It would be doubtful that it would have been a helicopter at that time of the morning). Also I asked if it could have been a snowmobile and he told me no. There were no signs of anyone going in along the snow covered road and that was the only access to the area where the light was. He told me all areas around where the light was sitting was dense forest.

As some of the truck operators drove up over the hill they too were able to see the light and found it very unusual.
It was a clear cold night and the northern lights were dancing across the sky.

I mentioned to him that the Huckleberry Mine was having a lot of sightings around it. He said he had also heard of a number of reports coming out of the area from the workers.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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