Late September, Early October 1999

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Durham, Ontario, Canada

Date: late September, early October 1999. Approximately 9:00pm.

Approach Direction: south

Departure Direction: north

Witness Direction: east

Description: I was 13 when my friend and I were skateboarding in the parking lot of a church. The church is located across from my house. We stopped skateboarding to climb onto a small roof on the south side of the church. After having sat on the roof for a while, my friend noticed a blinking light in the sky. I looked towards the east where he was pointing to see the object. From the roof you can see apprx. 15km into the country surrounding town. The object was low in the sky, flying from the south to the north straight toward a radio tower. The tower is probably 250-300ft. tall, and the oject was flying at it at about 3/4 the height of the tower. The object itself looked like a plane(blinking light, same speed and size) except that there was an identical object right behind it. The lights were white in colour and the front light blinked first, followed by the trailing light. We witnessed the object fly right up to the tower and then the lights stopped, and we didn't see it anymore. It lasted for about 5 seconds as we only seen it approach the tower.

Color/Shape: Two white lights, small and blinking slowly like a plane. About 1/2in. between lights from where we sat. There was also no sound.

Height & Speed: About 150ft. above treeline. Approach speed of about 60km/h. once it looked as though it would hit the tower, the lights stopped and it was gone.


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