November 1999

Vernon, British Columbia

Date: November 1999
Time: Afternoon

I had just left the driveway onto Highway #6 into Vernon when I saw a sphere descend through the clouds over the valley farms. It had a soft white glow with hard white needles pushing and radiating through. In the center was revolving pink.green lights. It descended about 50m and then disappeared.

About 2 weeks later again on the highway somewhere between Kelowna and Penticton I saw it descend through the clouds. It dropped about 50 m still oscillating and pulsing with the lights. In less than a blink it became an equilateral triangle. It wobbled a bit and then stayed suspended as if painted into the sky. It was after midnight, and it was over a building. It was dark grey, platform with the middle lights off. I only saw the bottom of the craft. It did not reflect any light. There were three small half globes in each corner, and one large center one. I had no desire to stop the car but it stayed in sight until I passed the area.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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