December 24th 1999

Name: S.K.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: December 24, 1999 11:00pm (corrected from December 31st 1999)

Approach Direction: High above

Departure Direction: Quickly extinguished

Witness Direction: South west

Description: I wrote in about this incident already in around last year.

My family (5 members--including my two children) saw up in the sky a circle of 5 lights around one bigger central globe of lights. Each one of these five lights had five more around each of them. The whole thing seemed far away but it was very large, spanning about two to four houses in diameter. What was odd was that each of the outer circles revolved clockwise around the central circle and each of the five little ones around the five surrounding the central circle (it's a little difficult to explain, I would have to show a diagram). Then each of them stopped revolving (including the small circles) and then converged towards the centre light in the same manner as a camera aperture. It repeated this activity a few times and counterclockwise before disappearing. Another oddity about this was that although it was a clear night, the lights had a fuzzy silvery appearance to them.

To add to the previous report, my sister told me that at around late January of 2000, she saw it again, this time a little further east of the previous location. It behaved in the same manner, the revolving, converging, etc.

Also, has anyone reported a similar sighting? It was very unusual. I did not notice any pranksters on the ground with trick lights aimed at the sky, but would anyone know what might cause these types of anomalies? These five lights had fuzzy edges and silver white in color

Color/Shape: Blurry, fuzzy, silvery in color

Height & Speed: No particular speed, although it quickly vanished as quickly as it appeared.

TV/Radio/Press: No. Still looking, though.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/991231.shtml