UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Flag of Canada

Near Digby, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

Date Unknown

Red Light Over Nova Scotia Canada

I was reading one of the stories on this page, I read one about a 18 year old girl that witnessed a group of lights. I have a similar story, my cousin and I at the age of 14, this was a few years ago. We were all by ourselves on a island out in the Bay of Fundy by Digby.

We were staying up late waiting for the tide to go down to cross the sandbar to get back to shore when I was looking across the bay towards Annapolis and noticed a red light. I pointed it out to my cousin and we watched it for a couple minutes. It was coming across the water at a fairly good speed and as it got closer me and my cousin we are starting to get anxious because we had a fire and thought it might be the coast guard.

We hid in the bushes watching this red light coming closer and closer. It was about 150 meters out in the water heading in-front of the island towards Digby. When the light reached in between the mountains AKA the Digby Gut, there was nothing underneath it. No sound, no waves, not a sound at all. Confusion and panic swept over us.

Once the light got around the island we couldn't see it, so we walked farther around the bend to find it gone. This would have been about 5 years ago. When it first happened I searched on the internet to find similar stories, but I didn't find that many. But over the years I have noticed a amazing increase in stories around the Annapolis Valley and surrounding areas. I hope some day in the future we will have a understanding what is happening around us.

Thank you to the witness for their report, the witness was completely Anonymous to HBCC UFO Research. But another very interesting sighting from a few years back. Please do keep the fascinating sightings coming in know matter when they took place. Thank you, Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research.

Brian Vike

Director HBCC UFO Research


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