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Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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Numerous UFO Sightings Over Downtown Qualicum Beach On Vancouver Island

Date: Varies.
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Hello Brian, Just read your article in the PQ News Mar 6, 2009 and was thrilled to finally see a story on these unusual lights in the sky that are just not stars.

I have been watching the skies over downtown Qualicum Beach off (name removed) Rd. where I live especially and along the waterfront of Q.B. for about 12 years now.

There has been far too much to deny seeing and it's almost as if 'they' know you're watching. I've actually videotaped movements to prove to my acquaintances my belief in many UFO's around here. Mother ships especially and not without their offshoots lined up in a pattern blinking to one another. We've seen large bright "stars" underneath solid cloud cover. Light's brightening intensely, then closing down completely and opening up to varying levels again.

The most shocking was when I pointed up to this 'star' in Qualicum Beach, stating to my Mom whom I was with, if she thought it was a star as she had absolutely no belief in UFO's , when right in front of our very eyes that moment it moved clear across the sky at a medium speed and then rested about 50 degrees from where I pointed. Since then my Mom believes. My son told me the other day around 4:00am (which is when the most activity happens) he was parked at Qualicum Beach waterfront watching the activity above Lasquitie Island. Many patterns were witnessed with 4 ships. Sometimes they are so bright and large they almost look like another moon.

I've seen one pass overhead, above my house around 4:00am again. This was a large ship with all the lights looking much like what could be assumed as a plane, however it was extremely low and made absolutely no sound passing above, but a whoosh of air. I have been relatively consumed by this for many years but have tried to give up on thinking about it because I know I'll never know, so just accept it and don't make a big deal out of it. It certainly scares people, but this article is the first I've read locally, which I feel is an active zone and this article will prove to open up awareness and acceptance to its' reality in the near future. So thanks for providing a network for sightings. Good on you !

Thank you to the witness for their sighting report(s).

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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