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Date: Varies
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Shape of objects: Black Cylindrical, White light, Fan shaped, dart shaped

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, remembered a few more things, also been reading some of the reports you've received and must say I do find them interesting. Some things kind of make me wonder. I don't think I've ever been abducted, closest possibility was the 1968 Easter weekend I went up to Dawson Creek. to see a friend and then got chased or followed from just north of Quesnel, right down to about Yale. I still think there are several hours of time missing from that trip. But like I said, at the time I was traveling well in excess of 100 miles per. hour through the canyon, so I don't see how they could have stopped me, although when the power died that shook me up, I thought I was dead for sure as I could see nothing but black. Anyway I didn't get really sick until about ten years later (Dec. 6/1979) and the Doctors still haven't found what is causing it. I often wake up with bruises on my arms and legs and occasionally on my body. Last week, while shaving, I found bruises on the underside of my right arm, just above and below the elbow and have no idea how they got there. They looked like fingerprints, two above and one below the elbow. Also I am always waking up to find little pieces missing from my arms and legs and usually they are clotted by the time I see them but occasionally still bleeding. Occasionally get clots of blood when I blow my nose, no apparent reason. Possibly I am clawing myself when asleep but I keep my nails short and I have gained so much weight have difficulty bending let alone scratching my legs. Just one more of life's mysteries I guess.

During the summer of 2002, I was living in a basement suite here in North Surrey. During the hot weather I liked to go sit in the back yard and just watch the Squirrels and Birds and anything else that might prove interesting. During the daylight hours I saw a couple of things I found interesting. Approx:. 17:00 two days in a row, Weather was clear and sunny, I observed an odd aircraft following the flight path of the American B-52s, heading from what I presume would be Alaska to California.

The aircraft appeared to be over Vancouver Island and even through my binoculars just appeared to be shiny mirror like dart, what caught my attention was the short cone shaped contrail, made up of smoke rings gradually increasing in size. I presume this aircraft was one of their top secret Aurua's on a test flight. I spoke with a guy who said he had been down in California and seen the same sort of craft heading straight out over the Pacific and he figured they were flying out of Area 51.

Approx. 17:00 the same month, I came out of the house and lay down to enjoy a bit of sun, there was a bit of high thin Stratus cloud but patchy. I had just put my head back when I noticed a black cylindrical object pass overhead, object was travelling from south to north and was so fast that if I'd blinked at that moment, I would not have seen it. As it was I thought for a moment I just had spots in my eyes but then I noticed the clouds had a perfect tunnel bored through them and that the clouds were being pulled out into the open spaces between them right along its flight path. Object appeared to be about the size of a half inch piece of pencil lead held at arms length. While I was living in houses with yards I spent many a enjoyable evening just lying outside sometimes till after midnight just watching the stars. For the last three years when ever I was lying out there I would notice about 23:00, a bright flash coming from almost next to the large star which is almost directly overhead at that time. It just looks as if someone has fired a flashbulb pointed directly down. In Aug. that year the day before the meteor shower was supposed to start I went out to see if I could see any meteorites. I saw three or four, then about 23:00 I was looking towards that star overhead and saw a bright flash fan out from the usual spot only this time it was horizontal and pointed towards the south. The light was unusual in that it appeared to be a solid uniform fan shaped block of light, it didn't gradually fade in its intensity but was just chopped off. Only lasted a second or two.

About ten minutes later a large white light suddenly materialized almost directly overhead. It appeared so suddenly I first thought it was a fireball heading straight down, then thought it might be a large meteorite as I realized it was traveling horizontal in a northern direction, then realized it was going to slow and thought it might be a single large landing light on a plane but it was going backwards. All this went through my mind in a matter of seconds. I reached for my binoculars to take a better look but had just gotten my hand on them when the light suddenly dwindled in size until it appeared just like a satellite passing over, still moving to the north. I watched until it passed into an area outlined in the sky by a triangular group of stars, where it simply faded from view. When I first saw it, it appeared to be about the height of a plane on approach, aprox. 2 to 3 thousand feet and within seconds appeared to be in orbit.

Not sure if it just shrank in size or actually accelerated almost straight up, A no time did I hear any noise from it or see any sort of exhaust. Stayed out another hour but only saw one more meteorite. One think I forgot to mention, re. that white craft shaped like a Seagull over by Burke Mountain. While watching it I was unable to get a really sharp focus on it. The trees on the mountain were sharp and clear but there seemed to be a shimmering of the air all around the craft extending out maybe 20 to 30 ft. or more. Was just like looking through heat waves.

Thank you to the witness for the reports.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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